Healthy Baking With Lenchman D – Gluten & Sugar Free Protein Blueberry Cupcakes 

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Firstly I want to give you all a big thank you for your support and I hope to continue to grow with everyone’s support.

As you guys may or may not know, I’ve recently started YouTube tutorials recently and I have started a healthy baking segment that will have a feature once a month on my channel. You can also check out this specific video on MY YOUTUBE PAGE! (Don’t forget to subscribe to stay up to date)

So I invited the gym fanatic Lenchman_D to my home studio to teach him how to make some gluten and sugar-free protein blueberry cupcakes. If you’re someone like Lenchman_D who is constantly at the gym and has a sweet tooth, then this recipe is perfect for you as its low in sugar and fat and is packed with protein to support your growth. If you’d like further details or information on proteins and what gluten is, what substituting it can do – then stay tuned and check out the useful info that’ll be below!


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So here is my recipe for these healthy bad boys:

  • Butter 150g
  • Self raising flour *gluten-free 150g
  • Eggs 3 Medium
  • Salt 1 tsp
  • Agave Nectar 3 tbsp
  • Blueberries 150g
  • Protein powder (of your choice) 3 tsp
  • Vanilla extract 1 tsp
  • Baking Powder 1 tsp

Equipment you will need:

  • Glass bowl for mixing or use the bowl that came with your mixer.
  • A few spare bowls (if you’re like me and like to have all ingredients pre measured and separated in individual bowls)
  • Measuring Jug
  • Shot cups
  • Ice cream scooper
  • Wooden spoon
  • Hand whisk / Electric whisk
  • Spatula
  • Cupcake tin
  • 12 cupcake cases


First thing I would do is prepare and measure all my ingredients, making sure I have already prepared the cupcake tin with cupcake cases. *Note-: now is the perfect time to preheat your oven at 180 degrees, gas mark 4.

Place your butter into your glass with your spatula, making sure you get every single ounce of your butter in your glass bowl. Next, add your Agave Nectar and place them both into the microwave until the butter is all melted. Once done, give the melted mixture a whisk to make sure the Agave nectar is completely combined with the butter.

Next, add the sifted flour into your butter mix, little by little, until you have just about a big spoon of flour left to add. This’ll now be where you add your baking powder to the remaining flour and give it a mix, then finish off by adding this remaining dry mixture into the butter mix. Mix your flour in well so it’s all combined, and just a quick tip from our experience – you will find that it the mix tends to start looking like scrambled eggs (as Mr.Lenchman D pointed out) LOL… but just keep mixing to make sure it’s all well combined, as it will all work out in the end, I promise!

Now, add the vanilla extract into the mixture we already have and give it a quick mix for only a couple of minutes. In a separate bowl, mix your eggs well until they are getting body and then add your eggs into your other ingredients. You now will notice whilst you’re mixing these ingredients together that your cake mix will actually start to look like cake mix! (rather than the apparent scrambled eggs) HAHA!

You then want to add your protein powder and blueberries, giving the whole mix a good stir making sure you do not mix too much and pop the blueberries – so try and be as delicate as possible when mixing them. Once this has been completed, with your ice cream scooper, you want two full scoops in each cupcake case and go on to bake for approx 25 minutes depending on your oven, just remember to keep an eye on them – you do not want them to burn!

Once your cupcakes are fully baked you are going to  want to leave it to cool properly before you go onto the decorating process. I personally take the cupcakes out of the tin 5 minutes later to allow the temperature to adjust even more so.

You can now frost your cupcakes with the frosting of your choice, and/or add your syrup too or decorate with blueberries (like myself and Lench Man D did in the video)

Tips and hints:

  • prepare and measure all your ingredients and equipment.
  • do not waste anything.
  • follow measurements accurately.
  • make sure the oven is preheated and cupcakes cases are prepared as you don’t want the blueberries sitting in the mix for too long before it goes into the oven.


What does protein do ?

Depending on your protein powder there can be many benefits from using it, if you’re dieting and/or keeping up with your fitness. If your protein is whey based it will contain high levels of branched-chain amino acids, these amino acids combined with excercise routines can be effecting in building muscle, prevent muscle breakdown and assist in post-excercise recovery. For more info on protein and its backgrounds  etc, you can check out this post on Healthy Eating..

What is gluten-free ?

Gluten-free is a term you will find when looking for a flour alternative that excluded gluten. Gluten is a protein which you will find in wheat flour and is used widely in commercial and homemade bakes, you will also find gluten in flour made from barley, rye and spelt. Gluten is important for a cake as it helps the dough to rise, so I tend to use gluten included flour unless requested not to. For more information, please check this detailed post on Gluten.

What other healthy substitutes can I use for sugar ?

  • Agave nectar
  • Blackstrap molasses
  • Honey
  • Maple syrup
  • Stevia

and you can also find more healthier substitutes for sugar here.

What other healthy substitutes can I use for flour ?

  • spelt flour
  • coconut flour
  • oat flour
  • hemp flour

you can also find a wider range of healthy substitutes here;


To watch me take up Lenchman D’s 21 to 1 Challenge, please click here.

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