A Baker’s Drama, Part II

So after last week’s fiasco with my Sunday Sales – I was looking forward to coming back on the following Sunday and resuming my trade as of normal. The week went well; baking preparations went to schedule, everything baked correctly, it was going okay! I’m not sure I can honestly say that the day reflected this though, to be honest.


As per usual, I woke up, packed my bakes into the car and head off to Brick Lane to begin setting up for my day’s trade in the Sunday Up Market. The day goes left from here..

AtfXrL6Q04i4ANlms2xthHIedQm8gsAOr-fUZfVgsb-AMy usual allocation of placement has changed. This, for people who haven’t visited the Sunday Up Market, means that my stall position has changed within the market to somewhere i’ve never been. Since the day I started, I have had the same position and never changed so that threw me off from the get go. A spectrum of emotions were running through my head but still, I didn’t want to let this affect my day so I tried to continue doing what I came here to do: sell my cakes!

The day was another disaster to now add to the list of Sunday Shenanigans for Sandro’s Cakery! My stall was basically hidden; my sales were affected and my loyal customers couldn’t even find me!

But anyways, the days sales had to continue and so they did. The week’s bakes were:


Rainbow Cake, Red Velvet, Lemon & Coconut, Chocolate Brownie Cake

Cake Pops

Gold Vanilla, Strawberries & Cream, Cherry & Dark Chocolate, Vanilla Sour Sprinkles, Bubblegum, Raspberry & Pistachio, Moon Balls, Bounty.

This Week’s Special – Cheesecakes

Oreo & New York

As you can probably tell, there are a lack of pictures of my bakes this week. This is down to no other reason other than me being too stressed and focused on actually trying to sell my bakes rather than having the time to take pictures, take my time, etc. so I apologise in advance for the lack of media within this blog.

It’s quite hard this week to check for bestsellers and what didn’t sell well, because to be honest with you – nothing sold out. A bit of every cake, and a handful of every cake pop Av_tIyqj4Ftz1rxu4inXwOKHCAMWf6afbBj57MY3Qr0wwere sold but it was a very disappointing weekend of trading. Now I am in no doubt that this was down to the position of the stall, as I literally had 10x as less customers this week than I usually do, but that’s life I guess. Not every week is a win. I would be lying if I said it has disheartened me slightly in terms of wanting to go back (a discussion of my position at the market will be discussed in the blog tomorrow) but I am sure I will return in the near future to the Sunday Up Market, or any market(s) in general. I just personally need a break from the rush and fast pace everything seemed to be involved in recently.

The one thing I am still holding onto is the love from the customers; even though they were in their few this week, the customer’s I did have were still so supportive to me and were singing my praises – something I am trying so hard to get used to but I still get shy and awkward when they do so. Lol.

I appreciate everyone who reads my blog, buys my cakes, and/or who just genuinely supports me and joins me on my journey! Lots of love, Sandro’s Cakery.

If you would like to keep in touch with my business journey, feel free to follow me on the main platforms I will be posting my baking.

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