A Baker’s Worst Nightmare!

As every Sunday goes, I spent this weekend at my stall in Brick Lane selling my sweet treats at The Sunday Up Market and this week was a special week for a lot of you cake lovers – Valentine’s Day! I felt it was necessary to incorporate the theme into the cakes and the stall itself, so that’s exactly what I did. Sandro’s Cakery took on Valentine’s day!


But with what happens throughout the day of the stall sales, it was not your average or usual weekend at Brick Lane for myself and the people helping me – it was eventful, to say the least…

This weekend, and whole week prior to be honest, was just a weird week for Sandro’s Cakery. I’m not sure if it was just my energy or attitude towards my baking, but something was off and it just didn’t feel right from the beginning of the week. This led on to me spending twice as long baking, causing me to have to stay up to early hours on the night before, still decorating and prepping everything for the market stall. This is very unusual for me as I usually have everything running within schedule and so I just developed a weird vibe towards the weekend upcoming and had a slightly negative outlook on what was going to happen – I was not wrong with my thoughts, as you’ll soon realise!

So the day went how it always does; bursts of busy periods, some dry/quiet patches but just a usual rustle and bustle of people coming in and out and a always successful day of trading. But to cut the long story short, the unimaginable happened.

IMG_5344My stall collapsed… It was literally all over within a second but it genuinely felt as if it went in slow motion and I wasn’t able to even attempt to salvage any of the cakes whilst they were falling. In my head, all I was thinking was “All of those hours I spent in the kitchen the night before….for what?” It was an absolute nightmare and I didn’t know what to do with myself. Luckily, it was about an hour till the closing time, so I just responded to the card I was dealt. I tidied up, packed up and went home. Even though I was angry with what had happened, I did report the stall to the business saying that it had collapsed and just accepted that today and this week was not my week, and just look forward to the next week upcoming. (In regards to me reporting the stall, that is a story in itself- but regardless of the issue I had with them, it is now solved and the outcome was negotiated to my needs and I am satisfied).

Regardless of the fiasco I encountered, the cakes I made this week (before the nightmare happened) were:


Rainbow (x2), Chocolate Gold, Red Velvet, Raspberry & Almond,

Cake Pops

White Chocolate Sponge With Popping Candy, Dark Chocolate Gold (2 types), Raspberry & White Chocolate, Red Velvet, Caramel Sponge With Salted Crunchy Caramel.


Fererro Rocher, & Blueberry.

This Week’s Specials

Oreo Cheesecake, New York Cheesecake, Pink Valentine’s Cake Jars.



In terms of what went well out of a pretty bad situation, I’ve learnt that the Rainbow cake is a definite keeper – customers even come back JUST for another slice of that specific cake! It is such a pleasure to do what I love, and for people to love what I do so much so that they come back for more. The feeling is indescribable but it is something that keeps me going and keeps me coming back, week after week, to The Sunday Up Market. The original cakes such as the Red Velvet, Chocolate Cake, etc will also be a keeper – I will just change the way I decorate those cakes differently each week to bring something new to the stall and show off my artistic attributes with baking simultaneously.

I had the pleasant surprise of having my Grandma and my Auntie’s pay a visit to my stall this week! With all that had happened, I just wished that it wouldn’t have happened the one week they decided to pay a visit to me! But with all due respect, my family are more than supportive IMG_2138and my journey is their journey too – so I am glad they were there to support and be front row in seeing me sell with my business cap on.

To sum everything up, I am sharing this with you guys here on the blog to show you that I am human, and although I may selectively choose to post the best parts of my business on Instagram etc and share the most exciting parts, not everything goes to plan. Not everything you do will pan out the way you want it to, but for me, I am serious in respect to my business and will handle whatever is thrown at me; I may fall down from time to time, but I will get back up, dust myself down and come back more determined than ever!

P.S – I most definitely will not let this hinder my experience with the food stall and WILL be continuing to sell there every Sunday, 10am-6pm!

If you would like to keep in touch with my business journey, feel free to follow me on the main platforms I will be posting my baking.

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