Sandro’s Sunday Selling!

So Sunday just passed, and we all know what that means… Sandro’s Cakery was @ The Sunday Up Market again!


It’s becoming second nature very quickly with the new realisation of the fact that we now feature in one of London’s most popular Food Markets (mostly because of the prep it takes) but because I have now been doing it for THREE week already! It has gone so quick but I have loved every week so far and I’m just overjoyed to say it’s getting more successful every week that goes on.

So, you should all know the drill by now. For those who don’t, my cake stall features cakes, sweet treats and weekly specials which get sold to the customers who come and visit The Sunday Up Market, in Brick Lane.

This week consisted of the following-:


Rainbow Cake (X3)

Chocolate Gold Cake

Red Velvet Heart-Crumbed Cake

Pink Ombré Cake


Cake Pops

Pistachio & Raspberry

Yellow ‘Lemon’ Velvet

Red Velvet

Dark Chocolate Gold

Milk Chocolate Cherry & Coconut



Waffle & Maple

Toffee Popcorn

Milk Chocolate

Gold Chocolate Egg

Cookie Dough Chocolate-Chip


This Week’s Specials (Bread)

Chorizo & Cheese Twist Bread

Ham & Goats Cheese Twist Bread

Tomato, Olive & Chesse Twist Bread
This week (although I have said it every single week from now) was the most successful! I keep saying this because it genuinely just keeps getting better and better. I feel as though I hit it right on target this week. I made exactly the right amount; not too much and not too less. I focused on making more of the best sellers, getting rid of those who didn’t sell as well or as fast as the rest & then bring in new signatures to the stall and to see if they bring any success.

20160207_105830758_iOSThe new additions were all very successful but won’t all be featuring again next week. The cake pops were pretty much all a hit: the Pistachio & Cherry and the Dark Chocolate Gold were both so loved that I feel it is inevitable that they must return for next week’s Sunday stall. The Waffle & Maple cupcake was loved by all and so will also be featured in next week, and everything else that was mentioned will either be returning as it is a permanent part of the sales (IE the Rainbow Cake, Red Velvet Cake, etc) or didn’t bring enough hype and so was worth the try but won’t be returning (IE the toffee popcorn, the Chocolate Gold Egg & the plain Chocolate cupcakes).

I feel as though it was more successful this week due to the fact that I am starting to learn the type of customer that comes to the area. There are specifically niches in the market, with regards to customers, and so it’s about learning what people like and what will get people enticed enough to come over to the stall and engage into a sale.

Going on from my constructive criticism I asked for from customers & friends and family, one thing I did include this week (and that was brought to my attention via the criticism) was the addition to more aesthetics to the market stall. This week I had more rainbow cakes; different styles for example a Checkered Rainbow Cake & a 6 layered Rainbow Sliced Cake. A 3-D Smarties Cake, similar to the one on my blog (which you can check out if you haven’t already here) but a three-tiered version, and more colours and props to make more customers want to come up, even if it just to look at what is on offer.

That in itself is what I do feel brought a bit more success than the usual from the past weeks now & I will maintain and constantly update these aesthetics to try and have my stall as the go-to stall for cool looking cakes etc – that’ll be a big success if I can get that to happen!

Something that did make me very happy and give me a sense of recognition that I am doing something right was the fact that I recognised a few customers from last week and even the week before. It was an absolute pleasure hearing them say my cakes were nice enough that they specifically returned to the Market to purchase more cake from me. Going on from that, customers have also started to engage in the Instagram posting and are commenting on the bakes throughout the week when I share sneak peaks into what I am doing for the market, which is a lovely touch to the relationship I am building with my clients/customers.

In retrospect, I have learned in such a short time that not everything I personally want to make is what sells – and it’s all about supply & demand, which is quite straight forward and I knew this prior, but trust me, can take a while to perfect.

As for next week being Valentine’s Day on the actual Sunday, I can let you know that Sandro’s Cakery WILL be celebrating this special day and be providing very sweet & special cake treats, catered to the ones we all love. Keep yourself posted with my Instagram to see the cool and extravagant ideas I plan to bring to the market this upcoming week. You do not want to miss out!

Thank you so much for reading my blog this week and if you did enjoy what was said, please follow me and keep yourself involved in the journey I am on & to see the progress for next week when I will be posting a blog on how it went!


If you would like to keep in touch with my new business journey, feel free to follow me on the main platforms I will be posting my baking.

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