Sandro’s Cakery Stall Pt. 2

So the weekend came back around and that meant is was time for Sandro’s Cakery to head back down to The Sunday Up Market, Brick Lane to sell our tasty cakes! This week was more promising than last week: I felt more confident in knowing what I was doing, I’ve had a feel to the market and I just feel as though I knew what I had to do for it to be another successful week.AoU3OgAARGgj34UvQekXh1xIjDoe0IV5sRahieX5Iwmh


This week prior to the Sunday was a fun-filled week of baking. I decided to bring something new to the stall, to see if they would be a hit or a miss with the customers – Cake Pops! I have always loved the bite sized portion that cake pops bring & I just wanted to see if the customers at the market would like these…and they did!

I’ll be making it a tradition to post every week about the market, and will also be listing every week what cakes and treats I make.

The cakes this week consisted of:


Gold Pleated Chocolate Cake, Rainbow Cake, Blue Velvet (Blueberry), Red Velvet, Strawberry Tuxedo Cake, White Velvet (Raspberry) Cake.



Orange Rose Cupcakes, Red Velvet, Mocha, Banana.

Cake Pops

Dark Gold Chocolate, Chocolate Cake Pops W. Sprinkled Toppings, Jaffa Cake Orange, Red Velvet, Yellow Velvet (Vanilla with a hint of Lemon).


The cake pops were a massive hit and will be something I incorporate into the stall on a weekly basis. What I did learn is that some sell better than others (obviously) and so far that reason I am thinking to cut down the amount of things I bake each week, and focus more on what the customers love and allowing myself to spend more time on the better sellers.

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 18.45.07 Coming back from this stall this weekend, I’ve learnt a few things about my cakes. Most of them were a hit just as the weeks before, but I have tried to analyse the sales at the stall. Looking at whic ones sell the fastest/slowest, the feedback from customers and also the opinions they have when given the testers of the cakes.

I will be completely honest with you guys and myself, the Blue Velvet was a hit the first week but seemed to have a mix of opinions this week. Some people were saying it was a bit too sweet and others didn’t like the texture of it.

On the other hand, it did still sell out before a lot of the cakes, but it’s just a thing I’ve taken on and will try now to perfect the cake and maybe so not include this in the next weeks of baking at the market. The White Velvet cake seems to be an acquired taste too: for the creamy/sponge lovers. I’m not too sure if this cake also will be coming back but it was nice to try my own take on recipes and see if customers liked them. It’s all about growth and learning what sells and what doesn’t, as it is a business after all.

With all being said, I am very happy (again) to say that I came home …with NOTHING LEFT! The second week was just as successful as the first – I sold out! The feeling of it just cannot be described unless you experience it yourself. To put in so much work throughout the week and to come out at the end with nothing left but satisfied customers is a blessing!

PS- going on from this, I’ve decided to focus on the expansion of my business on social media. In just a couple of days, my Instagram page has reached 300 followers & the Facebook reached 250+ likes from people all over the world. Clearly social media is the place to be, and so I will be keeping both platforms well involved with my business journey. So if you haven’t already, feel free to follow both of them on the links @ the bottom.


So with my cakes selling at the stall, I’m starting to take pictures of my customers and posting them on the Instagram. It’s a fun way to keep in touch with the customers as I get them to tag themselves in the pictures and it will become just an archive of people I serve and allows them to keep in touch with the business simultaneously.

If you would like to keep in touch with my new business journey, feel free to follow me on the main platforms I will be posting my baking.

Instagram | Facebook 


14 thoughts on “Sandro’s Cakery Stall Pt. 2

  1. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog!!! I feel like we share the same story of baking and figuring out what the customers like etc. Your work is amazing 😉 i love your use of gold on the choccies and wonder how you do it!?
    Thanks , Jess Bakes

    Liked by 1 person

    1. First of all, thank you for all the lovely things you said there. I appreciate it so much! You’re not the first to ask about the gold on chocolate actually, so I shall post a little guide on how to do it if you’d like? 🙂 thank you Jess!


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