My Social Media Platforms

I have really enjoyed posting on here so far. I hope I have posted things which are interesting to read for you all, or just appealing to look at and have gave you an insight into what kind of bakes I like doing.

I appreciate all of the efforts from everyone this week: the likes, reblogs, comments, follows, etc. – they have really gave me a push to know people ACTUALLY are reading what I am writing and makes me want to continue involving you into the journey I take with my bakes.

But other than the blog, I’m going to be including the journey via pictures (Instagram) and most details will be written up (Facebook) for all of you to be kept in the loop!

Screen Shot 2016-01-30 at 03.39.04

If you could be so kind as to start following my Facebook & Instagram so you can all be a apart of the journey, I would personally appreciate every single one of you who did so.

Screen Shot 2016-01-30 at 03.39.30

(To save the hassle, both links are here just so you can click and do it without having to find the pages yourself)

Instagram | Facebook 

And in other news for Sandro’s Cakery, I can now let you know that the next stall is THIS Sunday – so I look forward to bringing my A game, selling my cakes & being able to then share the experience in another blogpost for you all. I have posted about it on my platforms already, but just incase you (any of the UK-London based viewers) pass by the blog from now till then, the details will be posted below so you have the opportunity to come down and check out what I have to offer!


I look forward to sharing the experience with you all, thank you for your support thus far. – Sandro 🍰


6 thoughts on “My Social Media Platforms

  1. More than happy to do so for such a lovely blog poster @SandrosCakery. I love your blog; the vibe, the look of it, everything. I wish you all the success with this journey of baking.

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